Champions of the Valley: The history of Edmonton Rhythmics

The documentary film features the impressions of gymnasts whose passion and commitment to the sport continues to drive the club forward for the benefit of others, and to bring recognition to the city of Edmonton. In addition, the film reflects on the club's most significant achievements by telling the life story of the head coach, Judit Berecz, who contributed her experience and life to the sport and brought Edmonton Rhythmics to its current stage.

Rec Mass Routine (5-7 yo)

Rising Stars Gala Routine

Group Hoop Routine "Bootylicious"
(National and Western Stream)

Group Routine "Sway" (National and Western Stream)

Group Routine "Vogue" (National and Western Stream)

Saule Ashimova, Ball,
2017 Asian Championships in RG,
Astana, Kazakhstan

Victoria Kolganov, Clubs,
2020 Elite Canada, Burnaby, BC

Sophia Yun, Ribbon,
2020 Las Vegas Invitational

Story of Hannah Parry: How to set a goal and work hard toward it!

Anaheeta Appoo, Free,
2020 Queen of Hearts, Vernon, BC

Eliza Mahon, Clubs,
2019 Canadian National Championships, Toronto, ON

Saule Ashimova, Ribbon, 2018 Asian Championships in RG Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia

Lily Grundau-Roden,‚Äč Clubs 2019 2020 Elite Canada, Burnaby, BC